What is Craft Ice and Why is it Better?

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Craft ice is a new type of ice that is becoming increasingly popular in both the hospitality industry and in households. It differs significantly from regular ice cubes because of its spherical shape, which exposes less surface area given the same volume of ice. This results in craft ice melting more slowly, making it perfect for drinks that require ice to remain cool without quickly diluting the drink. Whiskey, cocktails, and iced coffee enthusiasts are singing its praises.

But why is craft ice better? The answer is simple: it provides a superior drinking experience. By keeping the drink chilled for a longer period, customers can savor the taste for longer without constantly adding more ice. The slow melting process also ensures the drink’s flavor is not compromised by watered-down dilution. Craft ice’s unique shape also provides an attractive visual appeal to drinks.

The LG Instaview Refrigerator with Craft Ice is a fridge that has caught the attention of many consumers. It has a feature that produces ice balls instead of traditional cubes. This fridge can produce three ice balls per day, which may not seem like much for a party, but it is more than enough for daily personal use. The ice balls produced by the fridge are typically smaller than those made by a mold and don’t always turn out perfectly, but this only results in faster melting and smoother texture.

There are various methods for making slow-melting ice besides refrigeration such as molds and presses. These methods can create fun shapes like golf balls and wedges. Ice enthusiasts often experiment with different shapes and sizes to enhance their drinking experience. However, the LG Instaview fridge is a great investment for those seeking a quick and easy solution as it offers convenience and quality.

Definition and Characteristics of Craft Ice

Craft ice is a specially designed-type of ice that has become increasingly popular in recent years. While regular ice is made quickly and in large quantities, craft ice is typically made in smaller batches. It is carefully crafted to create a unique look and experience for drinkers.

  • Cube form: Craft ice comes in cube form, which is perfect for most drink types and can be made easily at home using specialized molds or even a regular ice tray.
  • Sphere form: One of the most popular forms of craft ice is the sphere, often used in high-end bars and lounges. Clear, crisp spheres can be challenging to create at home without specialized equipment, but they are available in stores.
  • Stick form: Craft ice can also come in stick form, ideal for stirring cocktails or keeping drinks cool without watering them down too quickly.

One of the biggest advantages of craft ice is that it melts more slowly than regular ice, which means that drinks stay colder for longer without becoming watered down. This makes it particularly popular in cocktails and other drinks meant to be consumed slowly, allowing the drinker to savor the flavors and enjoy the experience for longer.

Craft ice has become increasingly popular in bars and lounges around the country thanks to its unique look, slower melting rate, and ability to enhance the drinking experience. While it can be challenging to create clear ice at home, it is available for purchase in various forms that can add a touch of sophistication to any drink.

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Process of Making Craft Ice

If you’re a fan of fancy cocktails or high-end whiskey, you may have noticed the increasing popularity of craft ice. Craft ice is a type of ice that’s carefully crafted to enhance the drinking experience. It’s made using a specialized process that involves several steps.

Filtration: The first step in making craft ice is filtration. The water used for craft ice is filtered using a 7 times reverse osmosis filtration system to remove impurities. This ensures the ice is crystal clear and free of any off-flavors.

Freezing: Once the water is filtered, it’s frozen for over 36 hours in a specialized Clinebell Block Ice Maker specialized freezer. This freezer provides constant, subtle movement to prevent bubbles from forming in the ice. The resulting 300-pound ice block is then ready to be carved.

Cutting and customization: The third step is cutting the ice block into two-inch cubes and Collins Spears. Carving is done by hand to ensure accuracy and precision. The final step involves customizing the ice by stamping it with a logo, initials, or another feature. The stamp is applied to the ice at the end of the process, melting just enough of the ice to embed the image on the cube’s surface.

Making craft ice is a carefully controlled process designed to ensure consistency and quality. By following these steps, bartenders and connoisseurs can enhance the drinking experience and elevate their craft to the next level.

Advantages and Benefits of Craft Ice

Craft ice is a new trend that is quickly gaining popularity among those who appreciate a great cocktail. Craft ice has several advantages and benefits that make it a must-have for any bar that wants to stand out.

One of the main benefits of using craft ice is that it adds beauty and prestige to a cocktail, creating a stunning visual effect that helps add to the drink’s perceived value. The large, clear cubes are made with filtered water and are slow melting, creating a unique drinking experience that won’t dilute the drink’s taste. A visually appealing cocktail is important because it will make guests eager to snap a picture for social media. This creates organic, word-of-mouth marketing that shares your product and brand with others.

Secondly, craft ice can become a part of a brand, making drinks uniquely yours. Whether that drink is at a different restaurant in your franchise or in a plastic to-go cup, custom logo-stamped cubes complete this branded experience. This branded experience is important as it sets your business apart from others, making you more noticeable and memorable in customers’ minds.

Finally, clear craft ice can also contribute to the quality of a cocktail by enhancing the taste. Because these large cubes are slow melting, they won’t interfere with the taste of the liquor. This results in a better overall drinking experience, where the flavors are enhanced rather than diluted by water.

  • The advantages and benefits of craft ice are:
  • Adding beauty and prestige to a cocktail
  • Becoming part of a brand
  • Offering a unique and branded drinking experience
  • Enhancing the taste of a cocktail

Craft Ice in the Beverage Industry: Explaining its Impact and Popularity

If you ever wondered why your cocktail tastes better in some bars than others, chances are it’s because of the ice. Craft ice in the beverage industry has become an essential element in creating high-quality drinks, and its impact is significant. With a variety of shapes and sizes, craft ice brings a new and exciting dimension to cocktails, refreshments, and even plain water.

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Producing craft ice is a meticulous process. Using various power and hand tools, the blocks are cut down from sculpture-sized clear ice chunks. Clinebell makes the most popular machine for producing these blocks, costing $5,500 for the U.S. version. The ice is removed with a hoist, cut down into smaller slabs, and then into cubes, spears, and other shapes. Craft-ice-delivery businesses have popped up in almost every major city to provide big cubes to small cocktail bars.

Small cubes and spears remain the most popular shapes. The most commonly used are two-inch-square cubes that fit Old Fashioned glasses and roughly 1.25-inch by 6-inch spears that fit Collins glasses. Various providers also sell punch blocks, ice spheres, and other shapes to fit different cocktail glasses. Some entrepreneurs are designing and building new ice machines better targeted to the cocktail ice market segment, closing the gap between the 300-pound blocks that sculpture manufacturers produce and the two-inch cubes that bartenders want. Cameron Bogue, the Vancouver-based founder of Bartenders Ice, has just launched a machine that makes four 50-pound ice blocks every three to four days rather than one large block. The machine will be offered for sale at a price meant to be competitive with the Clinebell.

Craft ice enhances the beverage experience by providing:

  • Aesthetically pleasing shapes and sizes
  • Slower melting times
  • Purer taste and texture
  • Improved overall quality of the drink

Craft ice has transformed the beverage industry and has become a trend that is here to stay. Its impact ranges from enhancing the flavor and appearance of drinks to launching new entrepreneurial projects. The popularity and demand of craft ice have driven the development of new machines and the growth of craft-ice-delivery businesses. Adding craft ice to drinks has become a statement of quality and style that bartenders, and even home bartenders, can’t afford to ignore.

Best drinks and uses for craft ice

Do you know what craft ice is? It’s not just any ordinary ice. Craft ice is crystal clear, perfectly round, and melts more slowly than regular ice. It’s perfect for creating signature cocktails that require a chilled and concentrated drink. Below are some of the best drinks and uses for craft ice.

  • Signature Cocktails: This is the drink for you if you want to impress your guests. With a craft ice ball, you can create a quick chill and a slow melt, which keeps the drink cold without watering it down too quickly.
  • Mint Julep: This traditional cocktail with bourbon, sugar, and mint requires an ice ball to offer a quick chill and a slow melt. You can add sugar and mint leaves to the ice to infuse each drink with flavor.
  • Moscow Mule: A classic cocktail made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime can be infused with an ice ball that contains slices of real ginger combined with lime juice for added flavor.
  • Margaritas: You can get more adventurous by infusing them with flavored syrups or concentrates using an ice ball. You can add real fruit juices, such as orange, cranberry, lime, lemon, or grape to elevate them even more.
  • Whiskey on the Rocks: The classic drink that everybody loves. Pour your favorite whiskey over an ice ball, and you’re good to go.
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Craft ice is perfect for these drinks because they require a slow melt to maintain their flavors and perfect balance. The slow melting process means that the ice doesn’t dilute the drink quickly, ensuring you enjoy a strong, flavorful cocktail from start to finish. Try experimenting with some craft ice drinks, and you’re sure to impress your guests.

Where to Buy or Find Craft Ice

Several options are available online if you’re looking for craft ice for your home bar or special event. One website offers a selection of crystal clear ice makers, large format cubes, and spheres for sale from various brands. These brands include Dramson, Viski, True, and Foster & Rye. Prices range from $11.99 to $79.99, depending on the desired brand and type of ice.

Whether you’re looking for a one-time purchase or a regular supply, this website offers a range of options to suit your needs. Some products are currently in stock, while others may be low in stock or sold out. To ensure availability, it’s best to order ahead of time or check for updates on restocking.

In addition to online options, some local specialty or liquor stores may also carry craft ice. It’s best to call ahead to check availability and the brands offered. Some stores may even offer custom orders for specific needs or events.

  • Online options:
  • – Website with various brands and types of craft ice
  • – Prices range from $11.99 to $79.99
  • – Some products currently in stock
  • Local options:
  • – Specialty or liquor stores
  • – Best to call ahead to check availability and brands offered
  • – Some stores may offer custom orders

How to Make Craft Ice at Home

Craft ice is a popular trend in the cocktail world, with bars and restaurants serving drinks with unique and eye-catching ice cubes. But did you know that you can make craft ice at home? Here are two methods you can use to create beautiful and clear ice cubes in your own freezer.

  • Specialized clear ice cube tray: You can use a specialized clear ice cube tray that allows for directional freezing. Fill the bottom tray with a couple of inches of water, fit the ice cube molds on top of the bottom tray, fill them with water, and place the lid on top. Remove the ice cube mold from the bottom tray before the whole bottom tray freezes, typically 16 to 18 hours. Store the clear ice in an airtight container in the freezer.
  • Boiling distilled or ultra-filtered water: Alternatively, you can use distilled or ultra-filtered water, boil it, and carefully pour hot water into clear ice cube trays or molds made from naturally insulating materials such as silicone. Freeze the ice cubes for about 24 hours, and store them in an airtight container in the freezer.

Whichever method you choose, handle the ice carefully to prevent it from cracking or breaking. With these techniques, you can create beautiful and clear craft ice at home to elevate your cocktails and impress your guests.